Frequently Asked Questions - Coronavirus

What are telehealth video consultations?


A Telehealth video consultation is held in a similar way as a traditional face-to-face appointment. However, the patient and practitioner are connected via an audio/video link. 


Coviu offers the same functionality as brick and mortar clinics, with:


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Can Coronavirus be diagnosed via telehealth?


Currently, clinical diagnosis of Coronavirus can only be determined after testing such as a swab test, sputum test or blood test. This obviously requires some level of face-to-face contact - usually a visit to a pathology collection centre.


However, telehealth video consultations are a great way to screen concerned patients, to determine the severity of their symptoms and whether they need further testing. They are also a great way to give feedback on pathology results.


Not everyone that presents with cold or flu symptoms will need a Coronavirus test. Some patients may be overly concerned with contracting the virus, and simply want some peace of mind by checking in with their GP.


Can Coronavirus be treated remotely?

As with the traditional flu, the majority of Coronavirus cases are said to be mild, with the elderly or those with weakened immune systems more likely to experience severe symptoms. Patients with mild symptoms can be managed via telehealth, whilst they are quarantined in their homes to recover.

Checkups could include getting the patients or their carer to check their temperature, asking them a few questions or prescribing medication. 

There is currently no cure for Coronavirus, so treatment includes traditional methods of rest, fluids, medication to manage or relieve symptoms and simply waiting it out. All of this can be done at home for mild cases. 


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What are other use cases for telehealth?

Hospitals and GP clinics will be working well over capacity as the virus spreads. Telehealth can help relieve some of this pressure in a number of ways:




Beyond the scope of Coronavirus, telehealth has been successfully used for years by all kinds of healthcare providers such as general practitioners, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, nutritionists and more. Almost any type of care that does not require physical touch can be offered via video consultation. 


What are the benefits of using telehealth to deliver remote care?


The coronavirus crisis has forced Australia’s healthcare system to consider the important role telehealth can play in reducing the spread. With telehealth:



Why should I use Coviu over free alternatives?


Coviu’s all-in-one solution is the result of years of research into telehealth delivery platforms conducted within the CSIRO and Data61.


If you are not yet sure whether Coviu is right for you, you can try it now for free


We are also offering GPs who want to get started during this difficult season a special discount. Book a Coviu walk-through demo with us and we’ll provide you with the discount code and some suggestions on how to introduce video consultations into your routine.