Meet Your Practitioners - Aimee Maxwell

Meet Your Practitioners - Aimee Maxwell

ODDA Providers Share Their Telehealth Story

 Practitioner Spotlight - Dr Aimee Maxwell, Zenith Psychology


Aimee Maxwell is a psychologist and researcher, based in Melbourne, Australia. She operates her own practice, Zenith Psychology, where she offers both face-to-face and video consultation sessions for a wide range of clients. She has broad competency over a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, behavioural management, bullying and relationship problems. More specifically, she does lots of work with school leaders, parents and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Aimee began offering telehealth services 2 years ago, initially being drawn to its ability to defy geographical barriers and ensure practitioners retain strong client relationships. “I was actually going overseas at the time and I needed a way to keep in touch with my clients”, Aimee said.


She soon realised legacy tele-conferencing software was not appropriate for her business needs, and she found Coviu about a year into her telehealth journey. “I needed something more healthcare specific, more secure and protective of patient data”.  She has since been using Coviu and noted her love for the clinical tools offered during video consultations.


From a practitioner perspective, Aimee loves how telehealth allows her to work from wherever she may be, whether she is at home, overseas, in a hotel room or in her physical office. She also often holds international video calls late at night, as many of her clients and partners are located outside of Australia. She notes how offering video consultations has greatly expanded her client base, and allows clients from all over the world to access her services.

As a mental health practitioner, Aimee and her clients often cover quite emotional and intense subjects. At the end of session, telehealth allows them to stay in that emotional space and process it, rather than having to ‘snap out of it’ and get in a car to drive back to work or home.

Aimee is passionate about telehealth, and sees it as a huge part of Australia’s future healthcare system. When asked if she had anything to add about telehealth or Coviu, she simply responded with “I think it’s just awesome. I love it.”


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